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What is a Montessori school?

Colegio Akua is a trilingual Montessori school, and we believe in an education that is tailored to the different needs, personalities and learning styles of each one of our students. We are an accredited school, so we follow the official curriculum from the Generalitat de Catalunya as well as the Montessori curriculum, but education is much more than following lesson plans. We believe that by incorporating different educational methods, we can guide our children to not only be healthy and happy later in life, but to value these things as well.

The idea of a Montessori school first came from Dr. Maria Montessori, in 1906. She created a childcare center in an underprivileged district in Rome, where the children in attendance were able to explore their surroundings and engage in hands-on experiences. Dr. Montessori took in what many considered to be unruly, problematic children, and through putting her faith in them and encouraging their curiosity and desire to learn, had helped them grow into better people, according to the American Montessori Society.

In an average school day at a Montessori school, there are numerous activities for kids to pick from and engage in, usually interacting with their peers. At Akua, we mimic this by introducing activities that involve everyone and having to work with others to achieve the goal.

We also have various tools to help our students visualize their lessons, particularly in mathematics. By allowing a child to interact fully with the material, it helps grow their confidence and independence in taking care of themselves, according to Rasmussen University.

We believe a child’s education should be just as unique as they are. In keeping with both Montessori values and our own, we look forward to helping children grow into their best selves by encouraging their innate curiosity and fostering a love for life and everything in it.

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