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To become a well-rounded adult, it’s important for children to develop gross motor skills and capabilities in speech and language. What’s just as important is their social development; the process a child learns to interact with their surroundings and the people around them.

A school setting facilitates this quite easily, since children are naturally around peers of their own age and interact with them in various activities. As the school year has wrapped up and the students at Akua have left for the summer, we reflect on their progress and how far they’ve come.

Social development is interwoven in the general development of a child, according to Scanva. It affects their language acquisition skills and learning skills, as well as their ability to resolve conflicts and have a positive attitude.

Being friends with and talking to people present multiple opportunities to learn how to communicate. Some researchers believe having these healthy relationships can help children adjust to different school settings and overcome academic difficulties.

Before the school year ended, students from Akua and their younger siblings who are starting at Akua next year, worked together to make a fruit salad. They helped each other skin and slice fruits, and mix them to make a tasty mixed fruit dish. This is just one of the many ways students at Akua are able to develop social skills.

As children grow into working adults, their level of development will continue to affect them. According to Very Well Family, an adult who can communicate effectively and work well with others is far more likely to succeed in the workplace and the world beyond.

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