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Pedagogy of Talent at Akua

Akua's educational model is based on the empowerment of the individual and their talent as the best way for social contribution.

Personalized education

At Akua, we start from the foundation that we are all unique, different and intelligent. We educate in a personal and individualized way so that we can help children achieve their maximum potential. We rely on the balance development of the mind (knowing), hands (doing) and heart (being). As for the mind, we understand that we have great potential to develop it. With our hands, we work with our ability to materialize and create. And as for the heart, we work to maintain sensitivity and an awareness of our emotions and feelings.


The personalized education we offer is based on knowing what stage of development the child is in, understanding what they need and offering it to them.


Pedagogical model based on Montessori, Reggio Emilia and multiple intelligences

We integrate the official curriculum because we are a school approved by the Department of Education of Catalonia, but we are also opened to integrate other educational forms and mixing different methodologies.


We work with a Montessori methodology for learning science, mathematics and languages, with many specific materials at our disposal.


We are inspired by the Reggio Emilia methodology to learn through observation and to develop creativity.


Through the work of the trades, we approach the reality of the professions from the foundation. Students are in-contact with a diversity of different professions, showing them the various ways of materializing ideas to put them into practice and making them come true.


Contact and interrelation with nature is a fundamental tool in education today. At Akua, we take advantage of our great outer space to integrate an interdependence with nature and promote unity.


Pedagogical practice

Emotional support, multiple intelligences and languages are cross-cutting elements in all Akua learning areas.


We have warm and safe learning environments, we promote meaningful learning and creative work through the use of concrete materials, real experiences and social relationships.


We mix ages (from 3 to 6 years old, from 6 to 9 years old and from 9 to 12 years old) as a way to enrich learning since human beings learn by imitation. Also, in this way, we work on values such as responsibility to the group, caring and respect for others.


We educate in freedom, we teach how to think, we accompany students so that they have the capacity to respond and adapt to change, we stimulate their creativity, their self-esteem and their confidence. The curriculum integrates basic competences, the knowledge necessary for life, self-management of learning, community participation and the acquisition of healthy habits.


Our teacher ratio is 8-10 teachers per student. This allows us to offer the individualized and personalized education that we believe is necessary for good learning.


Akua College is a non-denominational center.


At Akua, we offer a multicultural education from a communicative and experiential approach by integrating the parallel of teaching of English, Catalan and Spanish within all facets of the learning process.


The atmosphere in the school is intercultural, there are families from all over the world and communication is in three different languages that are spoken by all the teachers.

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