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Preschool – 3 to 6 years old

During Preschool, children develop skills through the use of their hands.


Our educators accompany each child in:

  • Forming his/her personality

  • Developing his/her skills

  • Gaining their physical independence

  • Getting to know the world around them by exploring and experimenting

  • Strengthening positive self-esteem

  • Integrating healthy living habits

  • Creating interpersonal relationships

  • Coexisting peacefully

  • Gaining the ability to identify and regulate their emotions

The activities are carried out in a specially prepared environment that responds to the needs of the children, carefully structured with clear limits that promote freedom and organised into areas of development with specific materials and learning experiences that facilitate particular aspects of learning.

Each day includes different moments in which the children play a lead role in their own learning:

Welcome: the child is received by his/her educator, having the time and accompaniment that he/she needs to say goodbye to his/her family.

Personal work: whether indoors or outdoors, each child chooses the activity he/she wants to do at his/her own pace and learning needs, using Montessori materials and development activities.

Group work: the child participates in group activities and projects such as music, psychomotricity, art, permaculture and yoga.

Circle: during the transition between different activities, exercises of oral expression, of movement and silence are carried out; sharing, songs and rounds. These activities are alternated in all three languages.

Food: each child collaborates actively during mealtimes, integrating new habits and developing social skills. Akua has an eco-friendly catering service.

Free play time: with a natural outdoor environment, as well as several motor and sensorial resources at his/her disposal, each child learns to create and recreate, together.

Craft workshops: during the year the children explore different trades and professions, getting to know the tools, developing new skills and exploring their own talents.

Storytime: The day at Akua concludes with the reading of a story. In the course of the week the same story is read in different languages.


We have a team of multilingual educators; each child approaches learning how to read and write in their mother-tongue.


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