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2024- 2025

If you are interested in our project and visiting our school we are scheduling school tours or phone and zoom calls on request.


Welcome to Akua School

First of all, I would like to thank you for your interest in our educational project.

We are an accredited and trilingual school, with personalized education, named Pedagogy of Talent, offering the stages of Pre school, Primary and Secondary Education with forecast of opening High School with the organic growth of the school.

We share the vision of neuroscience and multiple intelligences, where we are all unique and intelligent, with different forms and learning processes, hence personalized education.

At Akua, emotional awareness is key because we understand that without emotion there is no motivation, which is essential for the learning to be meaningful. Our educational project integrates the methodology of María Montessori, Reggio Emilia, Pestalozzi, trades and professions, as well as multiple intelligences and emotional accompaniment at the transversal level, respecting the learning processes. We find the balance between conventional education and extreme alternative education, offering a variety of experiences where students develop the necessary skills for their journey. Akua is an accredited school, therefore includes the basic requirements by law, along with other areas of growth, since education is more than the official curriculum.

I firmly believe that each person creates his/her own life and can achieve anything he/she believes in, as long as it is aligned with his/her essence. Our main objective is to accompany the education of children with love for life, to help them develop their talents with structure, flexibility, autonomy, generosity, humility and perseverance — maintaining sensitivity and motivation to learn, do and grow. In short, to integrate tools to create life consciously and where happiness and well-being is a way of life.

Akua is a family school, with constant communication between the school and family since this type of education involves a joint work.

We welcome you to Akua School and I hope we will enjoy this journey together.

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Accompany children in the process of learning at the emotional, curricular level and in the development of their own talents.

Apply the investigations of the educational area created by Akua, integrating them into the Pedagogy of Talent.



Offer the necessary resources to the new generations to create their own life in full.



Learning by doing

Creativity and Entrepreneurship

Health and wellness

Multiculturality and Unity

Love for life


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Our Approach

Our method, our classes and our services.

The center

Secondary education

Pedagogy of 

Early childhood education

Primary education


If you are interested in registering your child(ren) at Akua School, please follow these steps:



We will contact you for an interview with the family and child


We will go through the admission process and will inform you of our final decision once we receive the documentation


Get Involved



If you feel an affinity with Akua and would like to be part of the team, please send us your CV. We are constantly looking for different profiles.

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We are creating a network of professionals from all sectors who can contribute to enriching the teaching at the School.

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There are many ways you can volunteer at Akua with a minimal time commitment. The areas are education, management, operations, communication and more... Would you like to get involved?



Contact form

You can contact us using the form below, or by calling us at +34 609 665 526 / 932 507 787 or via email at:

Thank you!

Akua School

Avinguda Comte Ramon Berenguer, 138

08690 Santa Coloma de Cervelló, Barcelona

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